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  • 10:51 😂😂😂

  • whayts the url for this game

  • Am I Crazy that I can't find this version of the game, only other ones...

  • Does anyone know what the link is to play this game? is it online or is it through steam?

  • I am sooooo confused how do u play this?

  • can someone explain the game for me, what does the number after the word means

  • Talias mum is pretty cute 😍

  • 7:15 Simon said “what’s the word” he shoulda said “come again?”

  • which website is this?

  • I have been trying to upload custom packs onto the codies website but everytime I try nothing happens. Does anyone know how to do it?

  • I dont understand this game

  • how do i play this version of codenames?

  • Simon you actually have to do something except this game and fifa

  • This is the wholesome content my brain needs during lockdown 3 tbh

  • MM7GAMES is the man that inspired me to start my EEclone channel. This is cool.

  • What website are they playing on? plz help i wanna play

  • Am I the only one that doesn’t understand the rules please someone explain

  • Can someone explain How thi game works?

  • Am I the only one that doesn't understand this game at all but still watched the whole video

    • Just search how to play codenames on youtube. 3 min vid

  • "WhAt ArE You DoINg StEp PasTA" lmaoooooo

  • Lol

  • Nice clickbait

  • Simon bang that last one jeez hahaha

  • 'best quote snorlax is like a teddy bear' im sat watching this with three plushies of snorlax in my room lol being like your right simon

  • Website name please

  • i think some people would click away if u don't explain how this game works in the intro.

  • "definitely a word from her chat" "What?" "You look great today 🙂"

  • I finally figured out how the game works and now i can watch all these vids

  • Why Talia mum is the GOAT of this game. She got 4 in one.

  • Simon be auditioning to be Lara’s future son-in-law

    • Or to be Talia's daddy...

  • I don’t understand this game

  • 5:12

  • Same intro 😂

  • Guys there is some1 called sniperx repeating the same comment delete the reply from him and report and block please and thanks

  • What’s it mean when they say infinite for the amount

  • Yo Simon, you should do a oldschool deathrun with wiz and nash

  • the title seemed like a diffrent video

  • I was in milks stream for this

  • we need sidemen codenames

  • i don’t like how simon be starting these vids like randy with the whole “THIS VIDEO! WE ___”

  • how do you play this?

  • damn i thought i was watching the same vid from 2 days ago with that intro

  • 1:56 Simon with those Ethan vibes

  • where do you play this game?

  • Y does talai look like Bella porch on the thumb nail

  • How can I play this game with my mates or can I not?

    • This is what I’m tryna find out too

  • Buffalo chicken and pineapples on pizza 😳😳

  • Boom!!!

  • how does this game work?

  • Soon there will be no her in the title If u know what I mean 😉😉😉

  • Milk is the Man for Standing up for the Canadian invention of Pineapple on pizza.

  • Ogs will know him as the "real nimrod"

  • Ngl I though of mouth of a river straight away 😂

  • I thought this was a re-upload from the start of the intro and then I heard part two.

  • It's weird when you say "my friends" instead of "my guy BOPOPOPO (gunshot sounds)"





  • Pineapple&jalapeño are peng together on pizza

  • hey guys its simon here the king if codenames

  • Where is this version of the game

    • I’m wondering the same thing - I’ve found other versions but not this one, no matter what I search!

  • Does anybody else just click on these video even tho they don’t know how this game works

    • @Chloe nah it’s all good have a good day or week

    • @SDMNFC sorry I don’t know how else to explain it I’m sure if you carry on watching it you will eventually understand. Hope u have a good week!!

    • @Chloe honestly I still don’t understand but it’s ok

    • @DanTheMan which bit don’t u understand ??

    • @Hashir Khan still confused lol

  • Anyone else just notice, how Talia’s mum said Callux’s talks a lot.

    • @Ibrahim El Shaboury Easy to talk big and tough behind a monitor screen knowing full well even if i would actually bother to travel the world to kick your ass i unfortunately cant due to a global pandemic. But thats none of my business

    • @CAPT. AMERICA I'd love to mate

    • @dylan hill You good? I wasnt trying to scare you lol

    • @Aymen 2k good for you atleast you know that you both have the same IQ

    • @Ibrahim El Shaboury make me

  • Me checking if I cliked on the same video again

  • Now what do I do if I watched this on stream?

  • Charli is gonna overtake ur main😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

  • These videos make my day a whole lot better

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Talia's mum look more like Simon than her actual Daughter?

  • Sidemen has to make a good impression again or she’ll figure out JJ

  • Talia's mum says mad tings

  • Just release the fifa pack opening

  • See you finally changed the picture for talia in thumbnails

  • 4:06 the best word to say is "stuck"

  • Talia's mum is actually really good at this game

    • @gaming Khaled same

    • @Daniel whats the game called (url link if possible)

    • Simone said “one more time” he should have said “come again...”

    • @duceysanem no worries

    • @Daniel Thank you I didn’t know what the numbers meant

  • no where are they playing this?

  • Poor Ellum

  • 6:59 is what you are here for

  • Waiting for the time stamp to the tittle clickbait

  • Hi

  • I actually thought he uploaded the same video twice.

  • noone: simon: i cant believe her mum said this

    • @Butter Bean shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush

    • Wow what a clever comment

  • These are just really wholesome. Making everyone’s days better.

  • yeaaaaa

  • Hi

  • Can someone explain this game to me

  • Hi

  • Guess what Why you still here keep moving

  • Claim you before 1 k views ticket

  • You gotta love it when you see the notification that Simon has posted a new video 😌😌

    • I completely agree

  • I thought this was a re-upload from the start of the intro and then I heard part two.

    • @Hashir Khan lmao

    • Recycling is good for the environment. Simon's just an eco-friendly guy

  • No views, 315 likes, 1 dislike, 44 comments...

  • Guess what.... You won’t believe it.... Keep going.... Hi

  • Guys R.i.P miniminter as charli dmellio has taken over ⚰

    • Imagine dancing for 30 seconds and getting millions of likes 🤦‍♂️

  • See how he didn't say my girlfriend's mum because KSIMON IS REAL

    • The best couple in the world

  • What is this game all about is this for old people

  • Hmm simon with talia and her mum 👀

  • 1

  • Early ting

  • POV: winter 3 Simon: How do you get soup out of that 😂

    • SniperX don’t remember asking

    • My mom told me she would buy me a pc if i got 2k followers before my birthdayy💙