WE GOT A TOTY HONOURABLE MENTION! (The Henry Theory #53) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 2 veebr 2021
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  • What division is Simon in

  • I might think The guest Time Will come soon, hopefuly

  • when you say highlights you mean a montage of goals

  • 13:50 Simon's ego was dead at this point AHHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • This is not even the the Henry Theory anymore

  • Dead series. Its doing whatevers out and opening packs for playing games. Do any of the rules even apply anymore? 😂

  • Simon- “I don’t get how a professional footballer can’t control the ball” Lukaku- am I a joke to you

  • HO LEE

  • It’s crazy how people hate other people for wanting to play the game

  • Simon needs to know that ove there's a score in different matches objective people dont quit unless its like 3-0

  • Y does Simon play better of camera?

  • If he doesn’t open the packs next episode we all have to dislike it

  • Kdld

  • why he quit every single match? sorry still new at FIFA game

  • Zidane Zone in lockdown can't be topped 😔

  • Do messi!

  • is it just me loves singing the intro :)

  • If you pause for me i ain't quitting

  • Anyone calculated how much money he’s spent?

  • Speaking for all, we dont want to see you do any challenges or cards. We want the henry theory back

  • Get a guest

  • Proof he doesn’t read comments

  • GIVE ME THat Maddison... Maddison??

  • Hey guys can y'all please answer me how do you do celebration where goalkeeper is running and basically the whole of team is celebrating

  • How do you know if it is a walkout or a bord

  • He should really get that 98 Loan Messi for friendlies

  • Pause at 4:09 haha

  • He doesn’t realise quitting is only in icon swaps it low-key pisses me off

  • This series has gone downhill.. same with Joshes to be honest

  • honestly every time he complained about other people having TOTYs I was like IF U WANT TOTYS OPEN THE FUCKING PACKS!!!

  • The Henry Theory was a great series .... this one feels like Zidane Zone. Henry , who is the main man isn't even playing while Zidane plays everysingle game.

  • I dont know why simon expects ppl to quit when he pauses the game for them to quit

  • Where's try not to laugh but we send the videos were waiting

  • Simon is the only guy to show a montage of fut champ games and 15 minutes of friendly games

  • Bring jj or tobi in the next video pleassee

  • Do a version of mmt next fifa? Or maybe only 12,000 fifa a month to make it a little more challenging

  • who else thinks Thiery Henry looks more like Lacazette

  • Bring KSI on for a guest episode

  • What camera settings does he play with

  • game: clearly FIFA 21. me: *checks description* youtube: ah yes, FIFA 20. very smart youtube, very smart

  • Miniminter just be doing 4 filler episodes in a row like Naruto 😂

  • This is episode 53 and still the team is called leister (why?)

  • I swear the ball went in 4:07

  • My tail bone is killing rn

  • y u hating he can open his packs whenever he wants its not about content sometimes his trying to enjoy the game let him play Fifa ffs

  • Get the new Rooney

  • Show us your tesla

  • Dead. Unsubscribing

  • Why are all the club badges on the cards just the 21 logo?

  • Tbf If someone pauses it for me I’d rather waste their time then quit😂

  • Yooo

  • You ever gonna do vids with wiz again. I miss those videos

  • how has he not packed an mbappé yet

  • Make tavernier your penalty taker

  • Who remembers the Henry theory ?

  • Miniminter can you get me icon swaps on fifa because I can’t do it so pls replie back

  • When i did this no one quit it took me like 5 hours (i’m not Good at Fifa) and i feel like they should make it Golden goal

  • 5:30 what did he sayyyyy

  • the title is kinda misleading,as if he packed him smh

  • I wouldnt call this a RTG anymore as hes spent lots of fifa points but i still enjoy the series .... bring the guests back

  • I have golf 2 rewards for u

  • Simon: people dont quit Also simon: makes ten people quit

  • If you expect people to or pause for people to quit then you are a disgrace to the community

  • I just wanted to tell u that i saw a tiktok that tell if u do ur squad a hole silver team and open packs u can get better players so try it maybe u will get better players

  • if there wasn't the Thiery Henry intro, I would've forgotten who this series is about.

  • Does anyone else that Simon never puts the correct Fifa game in the description. The last few episodes he was apparently playing Fifa 15 and this episode he was playing Fifa 20. Nice one Simon

  • Put chem styles on players its getting annoying now

  • Anyone know what camera simons on?

  • ❤❤❤❤ do rooney sbc !!! It's sickk

  • Next video: IM FUMING (totys are out of packs)

  • lol i got them all

  • Simon: Y do other people have team of the years Me: Because they open their packs

  • yo simon what camara angle do you use?? Does anyone know???

  • Simon clearly doesn't read his comments, we've been telling him for months that you only quit for icon swaps

  • Simon doesn’t realise he played the same guy again as last episode

  • your next season should be blancs basics

  • Bro this man keeps getting us gased up said like 2 episode ago all open next now he saying next episode not getting my hopes up

  • Can someone count how many times he said quit please

  • Simon: I got out of bed today, I deserve some packs! :D :D :D

  • Jamie Vardy is having a party 🤩🤩

  • 5:31 what Simon thinks of you

  • Is it just me or did all the goals look the same 😂

  • I love Simon but this series has turned to sht

  • Just open the packs already!!! It's been a 4 ridiculous episode wait. Everything is OUT!

  • wtf

  • When i clicked on the video and he sed hes not opening the packs

  • This is no longer Henry theory it’s called next pack next episode now

  • Simon open your packs we all want to see them

  • kid: mom can we get zidane zone Mom: he have zidane zone at home zidane zone at home: heny theory

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  • Simon saying "I'll open the packs next episode" is literally giving me Tournament of Power flashbacks

  • you know your pens are bad when you miss with fernandes

  • Why is every team so good I swear last fifa teams weren’t as good as they are now they have ruined the price range for some players

  • The dude from 6:51 has also played against manny in mmt and has already played simon in Henry theorie😂😂

  • Do more videos in “the henry theory”

  • Cofertation muchhhhhh

  • If they don’t leave and take it to a draw just leave

  • Bruh he said we are gonna open the packs next episode like 5 episodes in a row FFS

  • Man thinks u have to quit 😂 its not icon swaps pal