A CHOICE OF FUTURE STARS? (The Henry Theory #56) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 8 veebr 2021
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  • Simon have changed more gaming chairs then he have played matches with Henry

  • lol in the intro I mistake Henry for lacazette

  • simon : he has already did a stepover im nervous wins 3-1 against him

  • Simon went from every Henry goal is a 7.5k pack to opens packs whenever he feels like it😂😂

  • Upload a new Henry theory

  • this series is sick but next year do one where u buy players

  • Has he not changed his shirt in 4 weeks

  • I remember the days i sold Joe gomez for 135k haha

  • You should do a packed out vs the Henry theory

  • You are very bad at FIFA

  • Simon cant defend .

  • The commentators make the game 10 times more annoying when you lose

  • Slide Tackle more trust me if you nail it you will turn into a god

  • Simon if i where you I'd swap carlos alberto for tavarnier

  • I think it’s time for prime Henry

  • Out of my 85+ i got lunin and veratti

  • Discard all your icons and get prime Henry

  • Woi

  • Man just called him Ryan brewster

  • Could u do career mode?

  • Where’s Kevin !!!!!

  • What's his camera settings? And what's the ideal camera angle?

  • Why doesn't he swap Zidane and Fernandes, Slap a position change on Neymar to make him LM, then start Neymar instead of Rashford. Also the moments Boateng for Varane, do a switcharooni between Boateng and Ferdinand. Then for full chem play TOTY Neur for the dutch keeper (idk his name). Like so Simon can see it. Pls its stressing me out.

  • man 100 likes

  • Been here since episode 1 and nothing has changed lol

  • Bro play henry at striker so he is the main player of the series

  • It triggers me how he uses gold Bruno Fernandes instead of dalglish

  • You can complete the messi objective in rivals you donut

  • This series has become more of a simon's money team than the henry theory

  • Sbc*

  • I did the double 85 abc and got Kane and de gea

  • why is there a mouse on ps4

  • Why didn’t you just get potm Bruno?

  • CDM Easy not a competition

  • Bro you can fit Neymar in your squad

  • When is big brother clubs coming back?

  • Couldn’t Simon start Neymar at RM if he swapped Zidane and Bruno, and Neymar would be on same chem as Rashford is. Surely Neymar over Rashford

  • Are you dum don’t take of Bruno off put mbappe on the bentch then then get daglish

  • gonna tell my kid this was once called the henry theory

  • Best intro ever 😂

  • ayo big boy miniminter whats your tactics i need some help

  • 17:56 so it bruno fernandesh now

  • Jumbo rare players I got lunin

  • can you please play 2k21 basketball

  • I packed normal Bruno fernandes out of a 75+ pack

  • fut champs is causing depression

  • Why did that guy who had toty mbappe have hunter on and not dead eye or something? 🤣

  • Bro play neymar instead of rashford what are u doing

  • EA even make Neymar dive in the game LMFAO

  • In my 85 double upgrade I got mbappe

  • Fut champs montage more like the Bruno montage He literally scored most of his goals in those highlights

  • Just start a packed out series Simon the Henry theory has been ruined by zizou and your other great packs

  • Get prime Henry soon

  • Only the OG’s will remember Andre

  • Use that future star and neymar for Bruno and rashford

  • You should do the Portuguese Future stars SBC that came out last night so your RM is on 10 Chemistry

  • Y don’t u sell ur squad and make a team around untradables and Neymar and Ronaldo and Zidane and henry

  • Better team take out varane for boateng then swap Ferdinand to the left and then put neuer in goal

  • that bruno gumares is sick you should put him in your starting eleven

  • He always says:oh I’m not good at penalties... While he scores everything

  • has he forgotten about guests we want to see co-op with jj

  • In the 2 85+ i Got barnes 88 and sterling

  • minter should play the Zidane song whenever he scores with Zidane like from zidane zone

  • Simon you can start neymar on 7 if you make him a LM and swap Bruno and Zidane round and play him over Rashford

  • Please change the kit numbers to make sense 🤣

  • simon u can start Neymar on 7 chem because of Carlos Alberto

  • Do rooney

  • Play neymar over rachford neymar will get full chem cuz strong link to carlos alberto

  • Get a better Bruno

  • It brought back memories when the Zidane music came on

  • Get the prime you’ll like the card

  • Put that objective player as lb then toty neuer in net. Boateng at cb

  • It felt good hearing zidane zone music again

  • Simon try fitting mid sanchez into your team very solid player u should try him out!!

  • Swap zidane and bruno around an then start neymar over rashford

  • in ur starting 4511 switch Zidane and Bruno and put Neymar at rm

  • harry when theres to many drugs on the table 5:14

  • Do loads of player picks as a massive pack opening

  • Considering your players, you play a weird team

  • How has he not figured out that if he switches fernandes and Zidane he can play neymar instead of rashford


  • when Simon conseeds Simon: fu** when SImon scores Simon: YOUR MOTHER

  • get potm bruno fernandes

  • I forgot Henry was in the series until he missed two chips

  • That flashback ronaldo is the best

  • Use boateng and neuer

  • whens he getting the new henry cause i wanna know when the next episode is about henry

  • Do loads of 81+ player picks your club is stacked

  • Whenever simply says 'I suck at penalties' he seems to score but when he doesn't say it he misses🤔😂

  • Swap Bruno and Zidane then start neymar on the right

  • BUY TOTY MBAPPE OR RONALDO Like so he can see

  • Simon do some 81+ player picks because they are broken

  • simon plays on pc?

  • Rip Henry Theroy

  • Where are the guests

  • From "The Henry Theory" to "Zidane Zone" season 2

  • Why did his opponent put a Hunter on Tory Mbappe 😂

  • The intro means nothing now

  • Why can't he play boateng and neuer

  • Once upon a time he used to open packs as per Henry's assists and goals