A NEW LEFT BACK AND ULTIMATE PACK?? (The Henry Theory #57) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 11 veebr 2021
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  • What happened to the guests

  • does simon play better when he wants the opponent to quit orr ?

  • why does he sub on rl when he can just start him, it doesn't make a difference

  • It's the zidane zone again

  • This series be like “Simon Theory” cause Henry is never there

  • Use: TOTY Neuer instead of Van Der Sar. Moments Boateng instead of Varane. SinkGraen instead of Mendy. In the normal team.

  • You can put bronze players on the bench to lower the rating of the team and put some strong players.

  • Boys which ep did he open the 5x85 and 25x83 packs?

  • The zidane zone is better than Henry

  • Buy A French Kit!!!

  • Have you moved yet Simon?

  • 12:14 is it just me or has he said this before

  • Loving the content Simon keep it up

  • Do a career series

  • Last time I checked it was meant to be about Henry

  • sell thiery and get the next one. (if hes tradable, correct me if im wrong).

    • Yea he could but the rules of the series was that he had to keep his henrys

  • The friendly theory.

  • I like watching ur fifa vids whilst I play fifa bcs when I come against bullshit so do u so it makes me feel 10x better 😂. Btw u havnt put neurer in ur main team

  • This aint even about henry no more dont even bother to put henry theory

  • Who experienced lag whilst watching in 720p60

  • Simon: “We don’t have a Bundesliga left-back” Alphonso Davies: “Am I a joke to you?”

  • I'm actually enjoying the series not being around Henry...different squads different fun

  • Unarguably the best intro I’ve ever heard

  • HIM: These Packs stink also It : zidane and van de Sar

  • can you plz play UFC 4 PLZ!!!!!!!!

  • Complete tonali


  • Yo Simon play a formation where king Kenny is playing cdm and have Alaba rio Carlos Alberto and sinkgraven and neuer as ur back line

  • 0:23 anyone realised it was ferdinand's 100th appearance for him

  • Zidane zone >>> henry theory

  • Can u please get a guest on plz🙏🙏🙏😘

  • Did anyone see the Henry with 189,000 bid price

  • simon play 4312 on the serie a squad

  • If you sell the Henry you have now then you can buy the prime

  • Loving the series so far Simon keep it up


  • U know u can use neuer, the lb u got today and boateng in ur real squad if u link them with zidane and the icon cb and rb

  • for icon squad use a 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 cause Henry will become a st soon

  • Where have the people who play with him gone

  • sink is rlly good

  • sell van der sar and get henry prime

  • Its actually pronounced Lewan'goal'ski

  • Henry theory? More like objective theory

  • If you sell your henry you can buy the better one

  • Man does b tec Alphonso Davies but not the tonali

  • I don’t understand why Simon doesn’t realise that he can use neuer instead of van der sar, boateng instead of varane and the new left back instead of mendy..that would be a mad team..but he doesn’t realise this😂😂

  • Diary has a team of the week

  • RIP Henry Theory

  • no one realised he played the same serie A team at the start, at 12mins and at 13

  • Davies is such a better lb plus doesn’t take u 10 hours to complete and is only 2k

  • I love how simon is winning 3-1 and wants them to quit but when hes losing 3-1 hw wont quit

  • I’ll watch again when he starts playing with Henry

  • Sell 90 Henry and you’ll have enough for 93 Henry

    • The rules of the series was that he had to keep his henrys

  • Dude Simon please Change your club name Realise that not every friendly game is golden goal And maybe use your different league teams so it’s not just the same players over and over again And bring a guest again (McJell or Harry)

  • its lewandowski

  • Your bundesliga without a player is the same rating as my actual team

  • Dont buy the striker henry wait for prime icon moments

  • simon.. this tonali is beautiful to play with on good chem

  • Just start lewandowski it will be the same rating

  • I’m pretty sure ppl only quit when doing icon swaps

  • Simon we love the series but it’s been a while since the last guest 😂

  • Where the og's at who remember when packs only used to get opened for an Henry goal 🤣

  • I don’t think he realised that he scored when he crossed it 😂😂

  • My account Got hacked i had ronaldo and know he is gone i Tried to get him by Quick sell qurency thing on companion app but didnt work anybody know how to help me

  • I swear he doesn’t play the champs games cos the goals seem nothing like normal style of play but I don’t care I’m still gonna watch lol

  • Someone needs to tell simon that managerial master piece isn’t golden goal

  • If you want them to quit just pass it around at the back to make them mas

  • Ssww

  • Hope Simon knows that if he sells Henry he can afford other Henry..

    • Yeah but the rule on the beginning of the series was that he must keep all the Henry's

  • I love how Henry became the thumbnails

  • Simon breaking pack rules left and right

  • Xd

  • Finally Simon remembers Henry...

  • 4:00 he did score Simon

  • Remember when this series had guest on it,yeah me neither

  • Simon can u sell all tradable players u don’t actually use

  • Show your highest rated team possible (chem doesn’t matter )

  • I just wanna say that these videos make me so happy😀

  • 14:34. Ummm

  • Can he not sell his henry to get the other one ?

  • you should do lewandowski series

  • 9:53 W2SNeedsATrim

  • My team just got hacked, someone got in my team and discard my Varane, Gomez and untradable kante + 150k spent What can I do?

  • start your serie a side in a 4-2-2-2 and play cuadrado on the bench with tonali and svic as your cdms and dybala and rebic out wide



  • Play 4 2 2 2 with your Serie A Squad

  • The stream was sick

  • this is just a regular fifa series 😂

  • Also when u buying the french kit

  • Can we see mark goldbridge as a guest

  • you pronounce the kosovan rej-be-say

  • How has he got sold a varane for 145k

  • I play left back at home

  • 14:22 oooo it’s an equaliser... hArVeY bArNeS

  • Do tonali he will help with icon swaps tomorrow and he's a beast I use him in div 1 and I think he's better than kante

  • Legend has it if you say lewangoalski he scores every time 😂

  • I like the way his Bundesliga team is called Bunda

  • No one quits in managerial masterpiece you donkey

  • Nemanja Vidic 90 rated in the Icon Team !!!!