TEAM OF THE YEAR HUNTING! (The Henry Theory #49) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 25 jaan 2021
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  • I wait till I'm like 4 videos behind and then I binge watch them

  • I packed Messi a day before the 98 card came out

  • does he get a toty in this vid

  • Bring back z zone

  • When is he going to realise that you only quit at 1-0 for icon swaps? 🤣🤣

  • does anyone know how to change your goal post colours?

  • Who remembers when icardi was a walk out

  • Mate you put LW dembele in ST, you need to change his card to ST and put him in ST and not just put him in ST while his card says LW

  • The 1 goal leave was for icon swaps only

  • I can see the veins in simons head pulsing every time fifa does a madness if he does this series for any longer his head is gonna exsplode

  • simon raging is bareeeeeeeeeeeeee jokeessssssssssss

  • Surly you just change the series to zidane zone again

  • 16:32 W2Sneedsatrim

  • When is tarlia coming on the Henry theory

  • You didn’t pick the cm who plays like an icon

  • POV: you were vibing with the new intro

  • do boateng

  • Fam it's episode 49 goddamn

  • So should have picked Duncan he’s a beast the other two are average

  • Toty mbape and Henry would be the best

  • This series has basically come a rich man RTG🤷

  • how dare him disrespect CR7

  • you can use a consumable to change a players position; lw to striker for example

  • Petition for EA to get rid of rivals and bring back seasons. All in favor??...

  • I’m not kidding Simon I legit before the packs I guessed that your gonna get a walkout

  • Fuck ea didnt take Messi

  • Where’s herny

  • Is calm the next thing is it?

  • I hate being so far behind

  • Simon doesn't listen to us at all

  • Mate it’s not one nation or league u need to play the game for goals

  • Bro does Simon not know how to read.

  • In a small prime gold players pack I got Henderson

  • Click bait didn’t pack a TOTY

  • He needs to get striker Henry. LW/LM legit does nothing all day. This is a FIFA series at this point😂

  • That little montage was so satisfying thank Simon :)

  • Shoot and miss that's peak

  • why does simon tag fifa 15???

  • Simon not knowing u can change players to ST

    • You can’t change wide players into central players

  • Simon didn’t know Duncan was Essien

  • Does Simon not realise there are things called position change cards...

  • 16:40 the perfect name dosent exi...

  • U suck atleast open the packs

  • 433 really isn’t the formation...

  • Where is the "your" ultimate team series?

  • change your club name!

  • Btw Suarez isn’t that gd I have done him and he’s not that gd

  • if the objective requires goals they aren't going to quit you donut

  • You should of taken Duncan

  • Simon, change your kit and badge for god sake

  • There no golden goal in this mod

  • Just me that saw that he got Robertson on Robert burns day (25th Jan)

  • My man said curl it and didn’t put and whip or movement on the FK aha

  • i packed three girottos in ligue 1 upgrades

  • Does my guy still not realise he can just put hazard striker as it’s max chemistry 😂

  • This was an episode of Dembele Theory not Henry Theory

  • To score a free kick you need to aim it at the goal

  • Simon do the league upgrades that just came out for when all toty is out

  • dont do it if you hate the game as much as you do. not as good when your so negative

    • @Ryan3091 nice one

    • Haha your comment totally gives of vibes of someone’s whos like 15 and never had a job in their life

  • pro tip to do suare: just buy dembele for like 5k and score the la liga goals with him

  • No one quits in that objectives

  • Simon if you put a LW up front it counts as a striker

  • You can change the position off the player in consumables so you can change him in to a striker instead of left wing

    • Well no best he can do is change him to LF not ST


    • Prob at the same place where you left your glasses

  • Why would it be 1 goal quit you donut 😂 you have to do the objectives. Fool 🤦‍♂️

  • simon, the argentine motm striker is worth a lot because of his pace and finishing

  • Do you forget you can have guests for this series?

  • You really need prime Henry, the mid icon is so useless

  • Use a position modifier for Dembele

    • Doesnt work like that

  • Simon you need to start having guests again

  • Simon: I ain't quitting bruv I can win against this guy Also Simon: Bruv why ain't you quitting bruv? You're 1-0 down!

  • 17:40 Simon: **shoots the free kick way off target** Also Simon: “he moved his keeper didn’t he?” 😂😂

  • Simon you have so much fodder in the club you should do some base/mid icon packs

  • Simon lad it’s a full chem game mode it doesn’t matter what position they are. You could put Oblak at ST if you want😂

  • Love this series Simon. Keep it up mate🙏

  • Me : buying new shoes My parents : 17:57

  • Can you pls not swear or I will get in trouble for watching people swearing but love the series :)

    • Buy headphones

  • its not con-me-boll its con-em-bol

  • This isn’t even henry theory anymore he doesn’t ever use him and all he does is objectives that don’t involve henry

    • @Ryan3091 ok chill I’m sorry I think I might have missed a couple because I had family trouble so I didn’t have any time to watch a couple of the last ones I am sorry Ryan 😞

    • @Charles McGowan. clearly you don’t tho cause if you watched everyone then you would know the only time he doesn’t use Henry is when Henry can’t be in the team due to his nation being wrong or cause it needs to be from a certain league. Other then that he uses Henry every other episode and has for like the last 5-6 in row

    • @Ryan3091 haha I watch all of them and they ar alll Sbc or objective

    • Haha you clearly don’t watch the videos

  • since when did simon play call of duty.

  • My brother got team of the year Bruno in a 25 k pack

  • Matthdgamer has apparently opened around 700 packs and still has not got a toty player.

  • Imagine not picking Duncan 🥺

    • It’s not like any of the choices are ever going to see game time with his team. So does it really matter if he doesn’t take the player everyone takes

  • how is it named henry theory when henry is on the bench haha

  • this series should be renamed to " The Pack Opening Theory "

  • 6:39

  • simon change his position ti a striker using a consuble

    • Can’t change wide players into central players

  • Bakambu is actually an amazing super sub

  • Tbf that 96 pace lb looks pretty good next to acosta with that perfect link.

  • do the dybala sbc hes overpowered fr

  • 10:14


  • He does realise you can change positions

    • You can’t change wide players into central players

  • 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒐 𝒂𝒍𝒘𝒂𝒚𝒔 𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒄𝒌𝒔𝒔👌🏾💯

  • 17:18 is what you want to see Ha you git jabaited

  • we need guests

  • bro it’s not even the thiery theory anymore sorry to say this but it’s true

  • How simon still doesnt understand that the Golden goal rule was only for icon swaps 1 15 of December

  • Can someone just inform Simon that not every friendly mode is golden goal it annoys me when he thinks that every mode is golden goal

  • Love you Simon