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  • 6:30 Ethan was in "Payne", get it? I'm sorry ...

  • yoooooo he saw my comment lmao

  • 6:31 Simon : Ethan was in Payne Me: ha ha

  • Thats cool

  • Whose side were people on ?🤣🤣🤣

  • The Pokémon video you did with them was jokes

  • my fav. as well

  • i bet yah jj felt excited when making that fighting video because jj felt like hes a god

  • Oooo

  • Imagine deji was in this video he would do tekken moves

  • You should make a part 2 of this

  • Imagine deji was in this video he would do tekken moves

  • It started calm and then just hated each other and beated everyone up

  • 6:00 honestly Simon is the best at getting punched when he isn’t meant to be punched properly

    • Is this the guy from the domain video?

  • We need a sequel to that video, but with more EEcloners.

  • Noob

  • I seen a TikTok saying the sidemen have split up but don’t know if it’s real or not if it is I’ll be sad

  • Racka racka should have choreographed the fight scenes in the domain music video

  • react to your 1mil special video

  • Where is the part 2 !!!!

  • be soo fucking awesome

  • Never leave a dislike on your vids !

  • JJ thought you were having sex without you ! Lol

  • EEclone is a little bugged I watched this video a few days ago and today at 8 o clock I got the notification for it when it came out 5 days ago Why is this happening

  • Petition for Simon to react to the sumo fight 👇👇👇

  • Racka Racka: Guys, remember PLAY FIGHT! Also Racka Racka: Nah, you know what? Just smash bottles on each other's head and throw Michael (?) out the window and we're calling it a day

    • be soo fucking awesome

  • Is this the guy from the domain video?

  • need to do it again

  • They did more of a house tour in this then the actual house tour video !

  • Please react to the sumo one, I have never laughed so hard at a video

  • KSI Vs Sidemen 2??

  • I really want that sumo fight reaction

  • Do another one

    • When they went to Benidorm I was there at the same time

  • Uni what. This makes me appreciate this video much more now, what a banger

  • Just react sumo fight video

  • plz react to the sumo oneeee

  • *6:30** Ethan In Payne*

  • Ksi hhhhhhmmmmo

  • From my perspective the sumo one was the funniest vid

  • 6:31 ethan was in PAYNE. no? no takers?


  • Just sack this channel off man

  • G banging content

  • Why wasn’t he like this in the fight

  • Goated

  • favourite because of sticky vicky

  • When they went to Benidorm I was there at the same time

  • :00

  • react to the video like why not??

  • Tobi got glass in his eye that why he sat down

  • do number 2

  • He got punched the fuck out

  • Rip ethan knees

  • S

  • Yall should make another one duhhh

  • „Ethan was in Payne“ badam 🥁

  • My ksi hhhhhhhh

  • it so bad it funny

  • Same

  • sad that rakka rakka isnt favored by yt

  • I like it how everyone does a power rangers stance before the fight happens

  • Do another

  • Next video: completely!

  • When COVID is over I hope the sdmn do a holiday video

  • React to how to avoid a fight that was jokesss if you read this Simon be sure to kamehamehaa jj in ur next video.

  • U literally milk views off jjs videos man looking quite desperate now lollllll

  • Isn't Raca Raca the guy the made a diss on JJ like 5 years ago about pokemon and saying the Sidemen are guy but saying he'd rape JJ?

  • Jj is like Ty from Dudeperfect stereotypes rage monster

  • React to the sumo

  • React to sidemen sumo fight!!!

  • yeahh i remember it it was just so nicely produced

  • This proves you don't need money to create a good video.

  • What's the difference between Racka Racka and Rucka Rucka Ali!! 🤔

  • Ksi is wearing a kobe shirt🥺

  • When Tobi breaks the glass you can catch him laughing after the tap by JJ

  • Better then most action films

  • Heart and reply

  • It is so much of a Simon thing reacting to videos, he is running out of ideas

  • We need to see Simon watch the sumo fight

  • You should deffo react to more of this - like maybe more of the sidemen x racka racka. Interesting to hear more about it behind the scenes

  • i’m having deja vu watching this video

  • Back when a 7 minute Sidemen video was acceptable...

  • react to sumo fight


  • please do more videos like this about sidemen sundays!

  • React to sumo fight

  • This video is legendary

  • Still forgets to link rakkarakka in the description 😂

  • epic this video

  • He liked the sidemen trip one cause of sticky vickey 🤣🤣

  • The video is so much funnier with commentary

  • Petition for sidemen to colab with racka racka again

  • A propper sidemen movie

  • Petition for Simon to react to sidemen slip and slide football 👇

  • they should make a 1 hour movie

  • bro yous need to do this again for a sidemen sunday

  • So what I’m hearing Simon is a part 2

  • I have been waiting for simion to react to this when it came out 😀😀🥰🥰 I love it keep it up

  • does simon mean improvise when he says ad lib

  • Part 2???