Avaldati 14 veebr 2021
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  • Talias so pretty

  • Talia: I can hear what u do in here me: 😏

  • Why did they laugh at 2:49 ??? Someone plzz tell me

  • Is it me or does it look like talias ears look massively big

  • I lost all respect for Simon when he called Chris Farley “that Donny”

  • Can someone tell me what brand simons shirt is pls...

  • 1:20 no way is he taking credit for "cooking" water to make ice cubes🤣

  • Ain’t gonna cap I don’t like talia

  • Why is tali’a dressed like that 🤣🤣🤣

  • G yg

  • simon would be the type of person to have a zefron poster in the background of his vids

  • its really ethan Come on guys lets get semon trending

  • @8:28 Simon dose no the really bad stuff that Tom cruise does when hie is not acting

  • Your ice cubes r sometimes runny Simon dead’s me

  • you got april s fool mixed up with valentine there buddy

  • With jj of course

  • Yes simon hold them arms together ;)

  • What a bit ch

  • I love Simon’s gangsta accent

  • Did talia get botox?

  • That harry impression is pretty spot on ngl

  • Why’s this even a question ?

  • Where's your man

  • These two should have a joint account ( my opinion)

  • I'm followin Minter less nowadays, but somehow with his annual valentine's quizes I still love the bloke.

    • @BANGTAN 7 @BANGTAN 7 I guess because I like his attitude more old school on his own or with the sidemen, instead of his sassy ass bitchy naggin towards other friends like ellum, Viz & milk for instance. Even though it's most probably just banter for himself, it feels cruel.

    • Why you not follow him anymore ?

  • Why is Talia so good at singing

  • Do you like Paris YES how about barcalona OMG YES Psg v Barcalona champions league 8:00pm Utc kick off

  • Still surprised Simon pulled taila 😂😂

    • Why? Simon is literally so handsome, he's the most good looking sidemen with Harry

  • i just came here to ask what the hell is this thumbnail

  • yooo when he said " i bang out perfact ice cubes but yours are a little runy" i legit died that was too funny

  • I went to a Waldorf school for elementary school so we went all out on valentines

  • Can anyone please tell me what the background music is at 11:03 ???

  • When I saw KSI I was only thinking of ksimon memes😂😂

  • we all knew this would happen

  • 2:05 he did the harry pinero

  • lmao Simon always comes across like he doesnt like to be romantic at all xD or even show just a lil bit of affection ahah

  • Why does Talia look Asian

  • Simon probably just railed talia

  • as you can see simon is the girl in the relationship both ksimon and salia he "acts" week infront of the more dominant person in the relationship

  • The hold hands together got me

  • Why are their so little comments

  • 2:49 omggg i can't tell you i laight at this for like 5 mins straight while i watched it anothe 10 times hahaha

  • He actually said he doesnt want someone smarter than him right? Talia was right there... What did she think about that😆😆😆

  • Simon, You're the best bro

  • I've been baited

  • I really do hope it was your girl mate

  • bro that "im sorry" at the end

  • Wait what you have a another option beside JJ

  • I cannot believe Simon is cheating on JJ

  • 2:52 ???

  • She looks mean

  • We all know they smashed

  • wheres ksi?

  • Wheres talia's sweater from on missguided? anyone got a link. asking for a friend

  • Which pickup lines does Simon use???

  • Talia necklace definitely says Simon. What a dog! 😉

  • Talia got hugeee ears. Is it just me or??

  • Y does talia have like 15 chains 😂😂

  • 2:07 let me know when u find one 😂

  • Hello Miniminter

  • Simon says he can cook :I can do the ice cubes Meanwhile me:in that case I’m a pro cook

  • Their relationship feels very friends with benefits

  • Talia has a good voice

  • Who would like to see moresidemen ufc

  • I love how simon called jj at the end. he is so jokes.

  • What is his facebook?

  • I bang ice-cubes 😂😂

  • The click baite proves kSimon

  • 5:08 pls someone make this a meme template 😂😂😂😂😂

  • incoming Ksimon comments

  • Should’ve been me

  • Can she live without makeup

  • simon smelling her underarms really got me😂

  • KSIMON is real😈

  • Simon’s thumbnail game strong

  • There was more cupboard in the heart than talia

  • ksimon is real

  • Ey yo talia can sing

  • The fact you had to even consider this ffs. Obviously jj.

  • Why does Talia always look so good? 😂

  • Her voice is brazy

  • James Bond is cringey? WHAT?

  • talia can sing


  • 2:05 Harry Panero : Bol voh rahe hai parr shabd humaare hai (only Indians can Understand*)

  • heheehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehheheehehehehehhhehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhhhehehehhehehehhehehheehhehehhehehehhehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehheheheheheheheheheehheheehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehhehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehhehehehehhehehhhehehehhehehehhhehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehheehehehehhehhehhehehehehehhehhehehehhehehhehehehehhehehhehehehhehhehhhehehehhehehehhehehehh

  • Why does she look Asian

  • I didn't know your bf is JJ

  • No one gonna talk about 5:57 !!! They banged that tune🤣❤️

  • SIMON u have more net worth then JJ I just checked u have 20mil net worth and he has 15mil net worth hope u see this

  • why am I watching Valentines videos when I'm super alone, makes me feel more sad

  • james bond is the best ok talia so don’t you dare or else

  • I thought simon’s gf was gonna be in the video but I was wrong

  • Has Talia done the gorilla glue trick today?


  • Ksi

  • I must say Talias voice @6:00 😍🔥 simon u r so lucky yet unlucky🙃

  • Why does Talia look like a rapper🤣🤣

  • Jason puncheon

  • Talia looks old af now