WE PACKED A 1 MILLION COIN ICON! (The Henry Theory #55) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 6 veebr 2021
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  • Episode 100: "FULL ICON SQUAD! (The Henry Theory #100) (FIFA Ultimate Team)"

  • G series love it 😊 😍🥰

  • Why is everyone leaving in friendlies after one goal

  • The team name bundas short for BUNDESliga lol

  • Put never in and the 90 boating with the lb objective Like so he can see

  • Donda esta messi

  • Isn't it funny how haaland is taller than Lewandowski

  • WHy are people quitting in managerial masterpiece?

  • You can get Messi on Rivals

  • Came from tali’s stream lmao

  • Love watching your vids Simon your a legend bro

  • Why is it still Leicester City FC

  • Did anyone notice that he faced the FC Schalke 04 twice in a row

  • Simon spent ages getting Halland and Bellerin and he hates playing with them XD

  • You can play rivals instead of squad battles

  • U can use neymar instead of rashford if u swap zidane and Bruno round then play neymar on the right

  • Neymar RM

  • Expecting your opponent to quit is so toxic, especially when you are pausing ‘for him’. Just play the game, if your opponent wants to quit then he/she quits.

  • simon if you see this comment, the on loan toty messi objective is squad battles or RIVALS so you can do it and its really easy

  • Put a bloody chem style on Lewa, a hunter is best it makes him insane 🙄 this guy has no idea what he’s doing

  • Put neuer in on the bundesliga team

  • simon play neymar rm off chem and switch bruno and zidane

  • Start Neymar instead of rashford he links to alberto

  • Are u gonna buy prime Henry or just wait for moments Henry when u have enough?

  • They won’t quit cause they wanna do the objective as well

  • Put neymar at rm now and switch Zidane with Bruno so neymar can start and everyone keeps 10 chem Like so Simon sees

  • Funny how at 10:33 he says “I’ll tell you that for free” but because he gets paid for the video, he is basically being paid to tell us that 🤯

  • Swap Zidane and Bruno round then put Neymar RM

  • Is his team just a draft ??

  • People who sing along to the intro 👑👑👑

  • shout out to everyone who gets the “leave the map” reference😂😂

  • I did two mid icon packs and got Ian rush

  • If he was complaining about his striker why didn’t he just start Lewa?

  • Simon: I am loving this series Also Simon I can’t be bothered to play squad battles

  • You can do Messi in rivals

  • Swap your CAMs and play Neymar at RM on 7 chem instead of Rashford

  • I did sinkgraven he is so good

  • Sell van der saar to get prime henry

  • So is this like a road to glory with Thierry Henry

  • You have to get Rooney he is absolutely insane

  • yo Simon you need to bring back Zidane Zone for FIFA 22. keep that in mind.consider it at least.

  • Haahahah I like the little leave the map. Makes me think about the good old golfing days

  • You know it’s peak gaming when you play the game to not play it anymore

  • Why didn’t he just start lewa, he in bundes so was applicable for the objective?

  • You’ve come for 13:11.

  • This needs to start becoming an rtg where u actually have to work instead of spam opening packs WHERE IS THE GRIND AND WHATS THE POINT OF HENRY

  • Hey Simon, is Talia single?

  • play neymar instead of Rashford. just swap bruno and Zidane

  • Put neymar for rashford and then switch Zidane and Bruno

  • This isn’t Henry theory, he doesn’t play with him what’s the point

  • Wasn’t golden goal only for icon swaps

  • they dont quite that was icon swaps

  • Play Carlos Alberto cb instead of Varane

  • The intro is better than jake paul's whole career

  • Hi

  • You should get rttf klosterman and Neuer in defence along with the sinkgraven and the you defence is mad

  • simons room looks different

  • Put neymar instead of rashford and trade Bruno and zidane

  • For the Messi loan you can do rivals too

  • Use the toty neuer and then the Alaba u have instead of varane

  • You can start Neymar on the same chem as Rashford now

  • Simon do the rooney i played him as a CF a he destroyed all defenses

  • Complete Boateng SBC and buy Davies TOTY and use Neuer 🤩

  • Simon if you start the game with some low rated silver in your team you will be able to get away with some of your high rated players on the bench to sub on

  • Simon Do the sinkraven and then do the boateng sbc if its still out and play neuer in goal if not buy toty alphonso davies

  • Just play Neuer on 7 Chem, he’ll still be better than Van der Sar

  • This is basically just play rivals and open packs now

  • i packed him as well from my mid hahhahah

  • RIP KEVIN ಥ_ಥ

  • Put neymar instead of rashford and switch Bruno Fernandes and Zidane from position

  • I know Simon doesn’t read comments but people only quit in swaps because they need to do objectives in other modes But if you do read comments buy rttf varane

  • People who don’t quit in friendlies are the scum of the earth

  • If they quit in golden goal Simon would have to play 30 games

  • You can still do the TOTY messi objectives in division rivals as well

  • Simon You should collab with aj3 in a sbsd just a suggestion

  • you can play neymar at rm now instead😀

  • You should try out the moments dybala he is too good

  • Bruh do boatang and then run neuer surely

  • Simon play neymar RM and swap zidane and bruno

  • What happened to guests bro


  • Can he play dauglish over Bruno and neymar over rashford

  • does simon not realise that since you need the 30 goals and 20 assists no one is leaving at 1-0 and anyway that was for icon swaps not objectives

  • Simon, the golden goal rule is only for icon swaps. Like so he can see

  • Got Litmanen in my mid icon so....

  • Swap neymar for rashford at LM and put dalglish in for bruno. Like so he can see

  • This series is dead, might as well just watch Theo's and Josh's

  • Our boy has changed his chair

  • Simon now you can play Neymar over rashford. Swap over zidane and Bruno and then but Neymar at rm and play him on 7 Chem

  • Does he know you are not meant to quit in managerial masterpiece

  • Swap rashford for Neymar now

  • Get headliners upamecano and put neuer in goal

  • I love Simon but this episode pissed me off because he is saying quit but there are other objectives.Not only that but he paused it for his opponent

  • Switch Zidane and Bruno place and put Neymar at RM

  • play neymar instead of rashford

  • I hate that he thinks u have to quit for every friendly

  • You can get toty neur in if you put boateng between carlos alberto and ferdinand

  • U don’t have to quit it’s an objective people need to stay in the game u lanky

  • put Neymar instead of Rashford and switch Bruno and Zidane

  • When will u buy PRIME Henry?