WE PACKED A TEAM OF THE YEAR & A PRIME ICON! (The Henry Theory #54) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 4 veebr 2021
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  • Use dalglish instead of Fernandez

  • Upamecano for varane and you can put toty neuer

  • Invite Harry on this series to show him how to keep a consistent series

  • Simon, pls help us raise awareness for our country, Myanmar. The military has forcibly taken over the democratic government and are pressuring the people elected ministers to quit. Also, they cut out all communications, including telephone, internet and others. Please help us raise awareness so that the international community can pressure the military into stopping their unfair actions

  • Can zidan couch, play and celebrate together on fifa

  • mad, I also got TOTY Neuer in my 5x85+ pack xD

  • For a moment I thought he click baited us by the honourable mention

  • I packed the same marquinhos

  • hummels

  • Get Humza Productions as a guest. He supports Arsenal and he's funny af

  • what is the music he uses when he packed the toty honurable mention marquinhos

  • Really miss the fifa 16 draft videos, the mic quality as well ☹️.

  • I got toty van dijk in a pl players pack

  • Henry is from Mali or Congo 🤔

  • Zidane is algerian

  • make Henry your manager

  • Use dalglish (cm) instead of son

  • Redlisted

  • Yeah I opened about 200 packs and didn't get any toty.. My best players was Allison x2

  • what's the name of the song at 15:26?

  • Does anyone know his camera settings?

  • 7:40 Lowkey upset he called Moses "The boy" when it was actually Gradel 😪

  • Love the vids Simon keep it up

  • I love that Simon didn't know that the ligue 1 packs had the highest chance of a walkout

  • This is sick brother

  • When he said the boy I got flashbacks to the very best when gradel was the boy

  • Pls can you play f1 2020 with the other sidemen

  • It’s a pain to see Simon not playing Daglish, Neymar and especially Van der Sar, the best goalie after neuer toty

  • Imagine saying 75+ are bad , copped me a toty Ronaldo out of them 🤣

  • Early gang

  • 5:13 i got Bruno toty in a rare gold pack

  • Simon:"these packs are bad" also Simon packs Van Der Sar and Zidane out of them

  • I packed a ucl ronaldo out of a 75+😂😂

  • Simon put boatenf in over varane and everyone will.still be on 10 chem

  • Loooool i thought it was going to be clickbait after you got Marquinhos, nice 👍

  • Put boteng instead of varane

  • 15.27 is what you came for

  • Me crying because simons sbc squads are better than mine (79)

  • Who's from africa

  • put marquinhos honourable mentions in your team

  • Simon I am so sorry to say but I got team of the year Ronaldo Lewandowski and Ramos

  • I didn’t get a walkout in my 85+

  • Simon stream more packs

  • Me seeing marquinhos thinking we got scammed

  • simon why do you use son over dalglish start him at lm

  • imagine if he gets mathhaus base card next video, perfect link to neuer

  • 15:19 the toty

  • I got toty trent out of a 84+ player pick

  • your a bum just open the pack

  • sell van Der sar

  • what's that song at 15:19

  • Where was the Henry intro

  • Yes minter

  • Simon: says the 85 pack is worse and the 83 is better Me whose highest rated player in the 83 was 85

  • Anyone else noticed that Simon isn't playing with anyone anymore

  • I see people complain about their 83×25 pack when they get 2 walkouts and there's me who didn't get a single walkout from it

  • Someone tell him to swap out varane for the flashback Boateng and then put in Toty Neuer and everyone will still be on full chem

  • put boateng instead of varane

  • Hey Simon I know you won’t see comments as you don’t listen to us but plz do!! As we actually know what’s good and bad in Fifa. You ignored tavanier, not playing dalglish when he’s better than son on 7 Chem, you’ve ignored Henry now even tho this series is about him and I doubt you’ll not get prime Henry


  • I packed Ramos from a 75+ rare player pack yesterday not even kidding

  • You should use theo hernandez instead of ferland mendy

  • complaning that his 83x25 pack was bad I got one walkout and he packed van de sar and neure earlier in the video

  • and he got a marquinos in a MEGA PACK

  • bro he said that the 45 cay packs are stinkers but he gets van da san

  • i just feel bad for ea

  • Simon's pack luck on this account is unreal

  • Why doesn’t he swap zidane and bruno and play Neymar RM?

  • Van Der sar lanky

  • Do 90 boateng

  • I can't find this comment: Alternative title: Simon finding excuses to spend money on packs

  • Probably save 300 plus pack since one to watch and closest I came to one was honourable mention fucking Jesus navas wit the serious fucking strength

  • Me wondering if he will still get a toty in this vid or will it be a bait


  • I saved 82 packs for TOTY and my best player was Kroos

  • I thought i got trolled when he got Marquinhos

  • is anyone actually enjoying this series? all we get is pack openings and nothing much beyond that just drop the series mate, no one gives a toss

  • Mans said he would be happy with 5 walkouts while I got 1 85, 2 84s and 22 83s, I wanted to kms lol

  • use van der sar

  • Prime icon 2:24 Toty;) 5:42 Toty;)15:27

  • Bro I’m happy it was worth the wait 🤣

  • remember the time when simon opens a pack when henry scores?

  • Anyone know the song at 5:56?

  • I have prime vds and I strongly suggest you use him, absolute wall in goal

  • i opened my 30 packs ang got a aguero at best

  • He forgot the intro

  • I got neur as well from that same pack lol

  • He will always pack a TOTY GK, every fifa he gets one.

  • At 15:30when we seee a purple fair it s game over

  • I saved 146 packs and my best player was Vardy who I got 3 times untradable.

  • That Van Der Sar came out of nowhere

  • how cool would it be if everyone put :0 under this comment...

  • what’s the song name when he got the toty??

  • peace

  • Get that flashback ronaldo he is good

  • Simon you need to do the moments boateng for the link to neuer

  • It's my birthday today and there is no better way to spend it then watching the Henry theory. Thanks Simon

  • Henry theory=Pack Opening

  • Bruh my 5 85+ had Gulasci 😐

  • Why do I get so happy when hebpavks something good? It doesn't affect me