Avaldati 3 veebr 2021
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  • We need the movie NOW

  • How was this the most expensive

  • wow

  • Who watching this because of the sidemen video

  • Some sort of staged sidemen holiday movie would bang. A mocumentary.

  • i wish i could watch this

  • Harry sounds like Morty from Rick and morty

  • We need a house tour

  • We don't *need* the movie but we do *NEED* the sidemen show season 2

  • Pls make this movie

  • I think the healthy salad got Ethan

    • Oh damn someone said It before me just realised

  • For over 1 year i actually thought that there was going to be a sidemen movie in 2022 until now and Simons not taking that seriously.

  • 2:50 harry sounds like morty in rick and morty xD

  • Bruh I would watch a show with the sidemen trying new thing should we all email Netflix and tell them to do it 😂😂

  • Imagine this movie actually happened 😂😂

  • Why in the thumbnail is Harry's hair red ?!

  • Simon I know you don’t believe it’s possible, but I have thought of a plot for a sidemen movie but it’s not related to this.

  • 1:46 jj would have lost

  • They should acctualy make a movie and not a docu but like this

  • I beg you please make the movie

  • yea do react to the sidemen vs ksi video

  • More video reacts!!

  • Sidemen documentary!!

  • Please give aarava the brawn gp bike

  • 733

  • who has her ig the chick in the beginning woowow

  • What is the point? lol

  • Simon on Steve-o’s channel would be dope

  • “Do you this is a jokereeeeee” 🤣🤣🤣

  • We need to do another skit

  • An actual Sidemen movie would be like a Roman Atwood movie

  • 2:40 how do you know it leans to the left?

  • Watch ksi v sidemen

  • We need more trailers and skits

  • We need a sidemen movie trailer recreation

  • If your making a movie u have to get rackaracka for the stunts

  • Yh but Be your selfs allow the dead acting

  • Ayooooooo we need this movieeee

  • a

  • they should really get a good editor and make this a documentary or something like that.

  • Sdmn movie

  • April 2 my birthday 🥳

  • Get starzio to make one

  • i would watch it 10/10

  • The only side men movie I want to see is the one where you all get kidnapped and sacrificed to satan upon the altar for sacrificial purpose of satanic benifit

  • Simons scouse impression is so bad it doesn’t sound scouse at all

  • I want a real sidemen movie

  • Could do a Blair witch style film, after all it's basically a horror vlog

  • Instead of an actual movie, they should just do a trailer for The Sequel.

  • Scouse Simon made my day😂

  • Everyone knew it wasn't going to actually be a movie but it was funny af.

  • They need to made sidemen show season two but mostly unscripted. I would watch it 20 time straight

  • Is the girl in the pool ciaran Carlin or am I trippin

  • FFS i was there for 10mins looking where to see the movie and then i realised.

  • how does simon know which way josh’s knob leans to

  • I even asked this question on stereo

  • 20k? jeezzzzzzz

  • Do more of this reacting to old videos

  • Scouse simon 😭

  • Sureeeely roast of the sidemen 2

  • Tbf if they made the movie they would make a lot more than 20k each

  • I think that they should make a sidemen movie but the story of how they came together as a group.


  • So now Simon is reacting on his own videos

  • When is the movie coming out i been waitibg for 2 years

  • Bring back Voda

  • Petition for a sidemen documentary !!!!!

  • I

  • Wassup ya'll

  • Jus me that’s never seen tha trailer before ?

  • Sk basically hes saying if there was a movie it wud be the btec inbetweeners

  • challenge accepted. sidemen movie coming soon

  • If it were to be made into a movie it would be more like a documentary

  • I forgot all about this video 😂😂😂😂 great work though simoné

  • Definitely watch the ksi vs the sidemen video!!

  • Says he remembers everything about the trailer but forgot vikkyoda😂😂

  • I won’t lie if they made a movie I would 100% watch idc😂😂😂😂😂

  • React to sidemen skits

  • Im just saying if the they had a movie like a really one it would be bangers no cap

  • I'd love to see a sidemen movie. hopefully JJ wouldn't turn it into Laid In America

  • Me thinking all this time it’s already out but you need EEclone premium 😂 😢

  • They should remake this trailer

  • *Yoda Star*

  • Bro, Harry in the thumbnail is jokes 😂

  • I think youtube is broken like how tf is this trending for gaming??

  • The movie trailer was not bad for most people but it’s one of my favorite vids


  • what about another season of sidemen show

  • the production for the Paranormal Activity costed 15.000 btw and made 200m back

  • Harry sounded like morty at 2:50 xd

  • Harry facing away in the thumbnail is one of the most Harry moments ever

  • lol he said damn to ksi and not at the girl 🤣 ladies and gentlemen we got him ksimon confirmed

  • recycling old content you love to see it

  • The sidemen need a Netflix documentary ngl

  • Ksi vs the sidemen

  • Did anyone else not know it was a April fools video? ha

  • Old ksi is op. now 🙏

  • I think the movie could work but as a key and peele or robot chicken format. Like, you have different elaborate scenes split up through out. It could have worked as a comedy with really short films/skits through out to hit all of the tropes.

  • Can there be The Sidmen show Season 2 at least

  • I remember watching this when it came out and being soo exciting for it then realised it wasn't happening. My disappointment was so immense