TEAM OF THE YEAR DRAFTS! (The Henry Theory #51) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 29 jaan 2021
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  • Hi

  • .

  • I love the french ronaldo on the thumbnail

  • where henry i thought this was a theory henry series???????????

  • FUT Champs game, I came up against TOTY Mbappé. My 86 John Stones absolutely pocketed him. My guy must have been fuming.

  • Simon very much sucks at the game

  • When you realise that Ronaldo is in the title twice

  • It pains me that Simon didn't realise half of the premier league sbc's didn't need a full 11 players from the club.

  • I want him to get a Toty on this series

  • The thumbnail is extraordinary g content

  • It actually triggers me so much that he does the Liverpool sbc with 11 Liverpool players when you only need 5. 31:15

  • man said 198 on one of the drafts

  • Anyone else pack someone good in TOTY?

  • The anything but Henry Theory

  • I blinked I missed it 🤣🤣

  • And fifa points

  • "I won't take anyone with a TOTY card." *Takes Neymar*

  • Packed kimmich off of a 2k fifa point pack

  • His draft luck. 👇

  • why does he get annoyed when people don't quit at 4-2 but he doesn't quit at 6-0?

  • Love this series!

  • Simon the guy that says when he wins men leave but when he loses dont leaves

  • When simon is in the lead: Just quit man, why havent you quit yet? When simon is getting wrecked: Doesnt quit

  • I opened one 100k pack yesterday and I got 93 Toty Davies 😃😃😃😃

  • Hey Simon pls do a sbsd with Andy

  • I miss Zidane zone

  • chipminter

  • i got 96 neuer team of the year with fifa points

  • When someone other than Messi misses a free kick he goes “WHY ARE YOU SO TRASH” but when Messi misses a free kick he says “ it was a good effort”

  • Le Ronaldo 🇫🇷🇫🇷

  • I got Ronaldo Davies and van dijk in the same draft

  • Menu game is Mad Fut but the packs are so crap

  • menu game? do career mode

  • I love Simon but hate how toxic he is during a GAME

  • I miss when he wasn’t arrogant as hell

  • 0:26 team of the yeawek

  • Actually I like less gameplay and more pack openings


  • Why Ronaldo French???

  • Simon: Tells people to forfeit it 5-2 Simon: *carries on playing at 6-0*

  • why you look like nifty smith

  • Good luck doing west brom. Every silver player now going for 17k upwards and never any on market.

  • At this stage is this series even about henry? Isn’t it just simon playing FUT?

  • jack grelish team of the soenon object

  • when he took gaya over martinez i wanted to cry

  • Is this series really about Henry 😂 come on Simon

  • Are u gonna do that ronaldo sbc

  • Time ur free kicks Simon


  • yooo i am a member of mm7games

  • "was that guy topless" ... ayo

  • Flashback Ronaldo SBC and toty nominee Grealish

  • Simon, for pens, Remember to look at the direction of the head, it tells you which way they’re shooting, just saying in case you didn’t know

  • I don't think he knows that you can't do the West brom team for the sbc


  • My man ask the opponents to leave the game when he's ahead 3 or 4 goals ahead...But He was 6 goals down by his opponent and he didnt even quit😂😂

  • It’s bolingoli not lukaku

  • That’s the problem with TOTY everyone picked Messi because he’s better in game

  • bUt sImOn tHiS sErIeS iS aBoUt hEnRy

  • Do the loan TOTY Messi objective

  • 19:21 voice crack

  • Why did he do boating when he’s got the 2 best center backs in the game

  • is it just me who thinks that this fifa content is worse than in 2016?

  • You only needed 6 liverpool players in the league sbc

  • It’s painful watching u build drafts cause after the starting 11 all your picks are wrong

  • I’m sorry did he say 198

  • Why you didn't choose de broyna

  • i just come for the intro.... is it bad??

  • I havent watched the series like about 20 episodes ago, Where is Henry? Where is Zidane?

  • Does he not realise you Can play a lf at striker

  • I think the new patch has ruined the game

  • Theory Henry

  • How has this guy still not seen he can just put 5 Liverpool players instead of 11

  • Who misses when Simon used to hate on Minamino .

  • 0:33 simon using autotune?

  • Who also likes the gameplay?

  • Should take martinez and play striker

  • I remember when all the videos used to be based of henry and every goal was a pack every win was a pack and stuff like that and in my opinion it was so much more interesting.

  • They did Messi dirty how did they choose Mbappe ahead of him

  • my guy said davies is 94 0:20

  • Mbappe: Scores an open 1 v 1 Simon: *THIS MBAPPE MAN*

  • whats simon's twitch i followed miniminter but it tells me he has no posts on there

  • Simon kept jinxing himself while doing the drafts

  • I love how everyone is talking about Davies rn and I knew about him and how good he was when he was on the whitecaps

  • me being italian hearing simon say chiellini instead of cielini like its pronounced cause in italy you pronounce ch as ci and ci is pronounced ch

  • I Reeeeaaaally hope the next episode is-"I packed aTOTY!!!!"

  • All in favor for bringing many back like so simon can see it.

  • "Biscuits"

  • Daviezzzz******** Is how u say it

  • Yes 12th man is announced and its messi who knew😂

  • I got scammed by The TOTY Honourable mentions 😭😭 RB Jesus Navas

  • after 30 packs packs start disappearing

  • Do a career mode

  • Simon, you got stiffed by these drafts today.

  • The video was 7 hours ago But some comments are 8 hours ago How???

  • Simon getting all the totys in their non toty cards is so funny

  • Btw Simon, if you order your bench highest to lowest rated, it bumps your rating up. Just a little tip mate.

  • I just spent 300k on packs because “it’s better luck” I got pique and nothing else

  • Simon winning 6-3 quit lad I am 3 goals up *ALSO SIMON* doesn't quit when he is 6 goals down

  • Alphonso DAVIS???