Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
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  • 16/20

  • im extremely confused why me or anyone else is watching this by the title lol

  • Hi this is the 500th comment in this video

  • Of course one of the only times I don’t see the video early is when Simon is giving away amazon gift cards

  • 14/20

  • Simon: “if youre watching this 10 mins late dont even worry” me: *watching 2 days late* 👁👄👁

  • They moved right? How's the background exactly the same???

  • 14/20 😂

  • Tf is that intro 😂

  • Here's a code Wgjaj-293h-ehufs Peace and love

  • ت

  • 12 :(

  • Imagine you watching a day later and not even bothering about the codes, what if there’re some that aren’t used😳

  • lit ep.

  • Kianoush rostami!

  • چرا یه پسر ایرانی اونجاس؟ 🤦‍♂️😂

  • Simon put an Iranian athlete on the thumbnail and it kinda made me Happy. 😃🤩🥰

  • lol

  • Lad You get most of the voices wrong

  • Kianosh Rostami😐

  • Simon-“if u are watching this 10 mins late don’t bother” me watching 22 hours after 😰

  • 22hours ago Me: Fs man... But wait! What if people all assume they’ve already missed out on the cheese, and just leave it n watch th- Ah, nope all spent. But wait! What if I’ve just made this comment to only “confirm” your same two cents on the matter, so I can capitalise on you being subject to my duplicitous comment But wait! Suede or leather? What? And I’ve used all the codes

  • Why are 90% of the videos unavailable tho?

  • 5:09 That goat sounds possessed, damn Or it is just me

  • never knew messi sounds like this

  • Lil bored pls make an edit of this

  • 1 thing 2 say 2 words 4 u Ash Kaash

  • Me still trying every code hoping somebody missed one

  • people who didnt get a code:


  • Man got 17-3 poggers

  • Am i the only one who got everything wrong.

  • 7/20

  • These chill videos >>>

  • I got 14/20

  • 2 wrong for me

  • Mate have you run out of ideas?

  • The sidemen should react to goats being funny or something like that

  • Bring back would u rather

  • I got 17

  • Is it me or just the title sound SUPER SUS

  • Oh my fucking god Did simon really put an iranian peson on the thumbnail?

  • I didn't watch this video yet and I just saw flag of Iran in the thumbnail 😂🇮🇷

  • I looovvved that intro so much.

  • I got 3 wrong

  • kind of a stinky video tbh not for me

  • 13 hours late

  • anyone here knowing that the guy on thumbnail is a Persian weightlifter 🤔

  • This vid just made me think of ricegum giving the vouchers after the gambling thing lol

  • Me being 12 hrs late Also me: so no giftcards for me then.

  • Here is another code for you lot QS65-G9E1OI-DRL3

  • 🇮🇷

  • People: Watching for amazon gift codes Me: Watching because I enjoy miniminter's videos

  • So Simon is the throat goat. Who you noshing off like Simon.

  • The intro jumpscared me

  • Wait so goats don't have throats?

  • Why there is no Ronaldo

  • Yo simon if you gonna give away codes put it on the title or thumbnail to get to the video quickly

  • Hello guys, Can you take the time out to tell me what you think of my EEclone Channel by clicking the link below? Any/Every bit of feedback is appreciated to help me the best EEcloner I can. Thank you in advance.

  • Dude, the videos ARE NOT UNAVAILABLE. You just can't view them through that website, you have to open them directly on youtube. It literally says that.

  • so he just yeeted the idea of new reddit videos huh :/

  • The forest?

  • Talia: throat Simon: I’m the fucking GOAT

    • Oh nawww 😭😭😭💀💀

  • I got 18 out of 20

  • React to sidemen fallguys

  • ایرانی هست؟🤣

  • Messi screaming ... Definitely goat

  • Imagine everyone thought that the codes were taken, but it hasnt been taken till now

  • Yaas, Simon. Do be repping that merch!

  • Great I'm late for the codes AGAIN every single fucking time

  • Those codes probably wouldn’t work for me anyway.

  • MM7Games doesn't realize this but he makes everyone's day a whole lot better

  • wtf is this video

  • Big words from Simon

  • Still waiting for Henry theory it's been 4 days

  • I got 17 right

  • i got 18 out of 20

  • Damn I didn't know simon was welsh??

  • 7:37 bit sus bro

  • Why did I have to be at work

  • Who just say fuck it is no point of checking the codes.

  • More like throat goat

  • Don't even bother to type in the codes its all gone but i wonder how much they get i mean now this is how you make people not cut half way through the videos and stay in for longer.

  • Me: *expects Simon to upload Henry theory* Simon: *uploads goat game*

  • Goats are hilarious

  • Got 16 right

  • When you don't have amazon..

  • Nice hairlinr

  • 20/22 insane

  • *cries in 2 hours late*

  • Great video

  • This title is cursed

  • 3/22 wrong pretty decent

  • Got 9 Out of 20

  • Bruh Simon's coco reaction got taken down

    • Why??

    • Whole song got taken down. Pewdiepie didn’t follow their community standards or whatever

  • best olympic lifter on the vidddddd KIANOSH ROSTAMI

  • I am sorry to say this Simon but you are running out of ideas

  • How about....throat goat


  • Is he streaming today?