TEAM OF THE YEAR REWARDS! (The Henry Theory #52) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 31 jaan 2021
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  • Fun fact: there is not been no 99 rated toty this year, which there hasnt been no 99 rated toty since 2014

  • what is the song 17:30

  • Am i the only one that observed that rashford goal seemed like his goal against paris 16:21

  • King Kenny > Bruno, and Zidane deeper

  • Simon has a sick team also Simon sees another sick team and sighs for no reason


  • Where r the guests?

  • Your brains are in taila

  • Clickbait 😐

  • YOO u need to fake shot the goalie to get an open net to get more goals

  • Try using lewandoski instead of Ronaldo he is a better In game well for me lol but he might work for u

  • 5:10 chat

  • G banging video

  • Bro just open your damn packs

  • The eewww

  • Simon you need to quit playing this game bro. Or quit complaining so much. It’s not as much fun to watch when we can tell you’re not into it. The constant whining is getting old. Yea it’s a broken game, but we all know that. It’s still fun.

  • POV: you’re singing the intro but don’t know what the french bit means, but you still sing like it means something important…

  • I mean i hate fut Champs its so mad

  • Wait wut friday

  • .

  • Simon please do a fifa career mode

  • Honestly he should just do a normal RTG next year

  • u have got a toty on miniminterclips

  • To be honest he should just buy prime Thierry henry

  • Click bait bro wtf

  • i will find you simon open the fucking packs

  • Put Erickson in at RM on the serie a team

  • This guy is addicted to packs 😂😂

  • He should have JJ on

  • The intro is a bit to catchy 🙂

  • Anyone else pack anything good in toty I packed toty ronaldo

  • Hi

  • this man needs to use ball roll finesse, he misses too many easy goals

  • play haaland as right striker and throw a hawk on him, plays like a god.

  • If you don't get the 95 Arsenal Henry, I'll be mad disappointed

  • Do ronaldo its a fun card

  • Simon then: TaRvEnIeR iSnT wOrTh it Simon now: used IF Tarvernier

  • instead of fermamdes get inform felix or his headliner

  • just sell bloody oblak he's been playing like adrian since the last 10-15 episodes get a better keeper

  • Clickbait as usual

  • I hate it when Simon complains about his players when he is shooting at the keeper

  • Simon you should put walker Instead of bellerin

  • Some people call him him Stalion..I call him Marcus....🤣🤣

  • That's all I need

  • Bro if i had half as good as a team as u i would be much better

    • i am still good but there is a difference between for example having 80 rated Saint Maximam as ur LM instead of having 90 rated Theory Henry

  • This is sick Simon because I am getting a sidmen cout

  • 2:46 mans too used to streaming

  • this ain’t even henry theory now it’s just packed out

  • I love Simon he’s acting like he’s good at the game when its guarantees he’ll have a better team than his opponent and when the other team is semi decent he just complains 😂

  • Mann Zidane scores more gaols than Henry for his team


  • 15:56 why are some of the player faces pink

  • The teams that good that is has an icon on the reserves and Bruno in the team

  • toty messi is insanne!!!!!! try him out pleaseeeeeeeeee

  • Do the silver upgrade so you can try and get some West Brom players

  • I think you should just get the best version of Henry because your team is so good

  • Simon don’t u have headlines tavernier

  • U should do the dybla and put him in stead of brouno and the swap lam and ram. And luv the channel wish my pack luck was that good


  • Should do the Ronaldo so when you get the next Henry you can play him on full Chem in a 433

  • Grealish is one of the best midfielders in the game for me

  • his name is still Leicester fc

  • It pains me to see the teams he could make with the likes of neymar Dalglish who are all currently sitting on the bench

  • I agree honestly that Bellerin just.... isn't that good. I much prefer Tavernier to him as well, Bellerin just feels so frail and he loses a shocking amount of footraces

  • Damn took off de bruyne

  • cristiano carry anyone?

  • This series should about Ronaldo not Henry

  • Bring the forest with Ethan back 😔

  • simon put hunter on ronaldo i have ronaldo with hunter and he almost scores all his shots

  • Is it just me that Simon has not changed Ronaldo’s kit number to 7 (kinda triggered) like to show the concern

  • Simon when did you start the series

  • Am I the only one who is getting stressed by the numbers on the shirts

  • I know u have Varane and Rio but Bellerin in at CB is godly

  • Will he ever change the club name? It will be too weird the team being called Henry Theory

  • 06:47 i be facing teams like that almost every game and my team costs like 10-15% of his entire team 😂😂

  • We want the prime Henry king

  • He should sell players to get the ST Henry to get him more involved when he's out

  • Is it just me or Simon has forgot it’s the Henry Theory not the Ronaldo theory

  • you........... melon

  • This is more of a ultimate team series than it being based off of Henry

  • i sing to the intro more then i listen to simon rambling sometimes

  • film with danny aarons

  • Simon will open all his packs once FIFA 22 is out

  • Goes ' Messi, which actually doesnt look good,' and then ' grealish looks good' Bruh

  • just buy striker henry already

  • try to chip a bit more when getting rushed

  • This is turning into a zidane zone

  • i use haaland and lewa potm's up top and they're goal machines in 4222

  • In game make henry a st so he gets involved more

  • 5:10 "Ronaldo Zidane link up bro" looks like someone have not seen 2016 to 2018 real madrid... golden era🥺💔

  • @1:13 did he just fuckin say that about Lionel Messi !

  • Navas over Ramos in your la liga team

  • Simon yes halland is slow cause the acceleration is not very good

  • whyd you not get headliners tav

  • I wish you could Bin Henry

  • You removed KDB?

  • hey everyone listen up and i mean simon you have to read this or henry will never perform better like baby henry i know why henry is not that good its his number in the back he needs the number 14 baby henry had 14 and was a legend

  • Mate you have to chip shot

  • I bet Simon regrets not doing that Tavernier Headliners SBC😂

  • Imagine a series based on Thierry Henry