OUR FIRST REWARDS EVER! (The Henry Theory #48) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 23 jaan 2021
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  • I’m Not A HUMAN

  • Lol

  • He acts like his team ain’t top level like he’s an underdog....ridiculous

  • hes paid someone to play for him

  • Everyone spam, " SIMON CHANGE UR NAME"

  • Yeah palace need a pacer cb for Fifa but y know maybe a special kouyate

  • No one ever: Simon: Its still kick off after playing the ball around the team for 10 minutes

  • Me commentating on ep. 5 that Simon should change the team name to Henry Theory..... - - - Me commentating on ep. 48 that SIMON SHOULD CHANGE THE TEAM NAME!!!

  • Why are u using son over neymar and dalglish???? Like wth?

  • This series has evolved from Henry theory to ronaldo carry lmao 😜 😂

  • Simon you can only put 5 players from the good teams not every one like so he can see

  • Not every team needs 11 from the team 😂😂😂😂

  • All of the West brom players apart from the golds are price capped so be aware of the Simon

  • Use Ederson for Keeper I promise he is the best in fifa.

  • Do a career mode

  • how do u i get my fut champs rewards its not showin up for me or do i get it later

  • Get Humza Productions as a guest. He supports Arsenal and he's funny af

  • I hate the phrase “there’s not much to do in Fifa right now” like literally you could play a number of game modes why does there have to be special players or packs to qualify as “content”???? It’s just fucking lazy video making and he’s not the only one that says that

    • What are all the game modes you seem to think he can play

  • The real question is when is simon going to change to an arsenal badge👀

  • What happened to having guests in the episodes

  • It pains me watching him trade in 83s and 84s into league sbcs to make up the 11 where you only need 5/6 from that team. You need to read the requirements Simon, please read them🤣🥲

  • Get a Portuguese premier league manager so your ronaldo goes up to 8 chem and de bryune goes to 8 aswell

  • Can someone tell me how does simon do those crosses that are very op please

  • the guy has a ps5 yet plays ps4 version Fifa

  • hes sick at fifa but doesnt know how to put low to high on sbc squad builders

  • 9:28 Never seen anyone so happy to be a rat 😂

  • I saw someone posting the lyrics to the intro and turns out I’ve been singing the wrong thing since September

  • Anyone else see Man U Beat Liverpool🙄

  • You should play 4-3-2-1 in custom tactics and place you the pays we’re you want them

  • Simon get Bruno instead of kdb he’s more meta and will get Ronaldo full chem

  • The fact this man is playing KDB over dalglish just hurts my eyes

  • Simon roll the keeper

  • Nice to see Simon abuse broken RB X.

  • Simon be like: not kick off not kick off not kick off not kick off noooot kick offf ooh my goooood

  • You gotta make henry number 14

  • Pls play shell shock live 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • It hurt when he put full teams in when he needed 5 players

  • Why’s he used fifa 20 rewards in his thumbnail


  • You will never get West Brom done it’s literally 100k+ and you need like 8 silvers costing 18K each (sniped), so unless you’re gonna buy those then you won’t get that done

  • Fucking west brom was stupid af, All CB silver impossible to find and the best price is 17k


  • This guy honestly has the best fifa team I’ve seen

  • Simon this is the best intro in this episode ever

  • I know I might be a little bit early for this but for simons next icon series I think it should be Cantona’s Campaign

  • Simon - there is a lot of good players in there team Simon - sitting there with icons on the bench 😂

  • Twitch scammer

  • Petition for Simon to start Neymar daglish and Sanchez etc

  • Just wait until he sees how expensive the West Brom silvers are


  • either get toty bruno or the potm sbc bruno for de bruyne and you will get ronaldo on full chem plus a player thats miles better than de bruyne

  • Simon will be fuming when he reads this comments... oh wait he cant read anyway

  • I packed toty mbappe

  • I think Simon is better at this game than he thinks

  • when is prime henry coming to the party

  • Replace belerin with basakka

  • The fact that he didn't even look at the requirements is annoying

  • Play against zerkaas packed out

  • It triggers me when Simon doesnt look the requirements

  • Simon can’t read properly

  • Backup title: ronaldo runs riot

  • Why are u using de brunye use dalglish and play 442 in game

  • Just wait till he gets to West Brom...like if you know 😉

  • simon read the requirements its so triggering

  • play 4-2-3-1

  • Play 2 strikers in game cr7 and kenny 433 is useless

  • I packed toty robertson last year from squad battles rewards he funded my hole squad after that never got anything good again

  • Simon:Zidan is my guy. Thats why I did a whole series around him. Meanwhile:"Sad Hanry noises"

    • @Ouch Here its Hanry in my lang, sorry . but thanks for the reminder

    • Henry*

  • Neymar is better than Ron and he doesn't use it.....

  • just packed neymar lol

  • Do Tavernier!!!

  • Should've tackled him before the 3rd goal. You had a clear chance.

    • Instead you jockeyed your back and gave him space to run at your goal. 3rd game btw.

  • You should play a 2 striker formation so he ry can play striker and get for involved

  • Weirdest episode of the Zidane Zone so far

  • Why don't you try scoring from kick off?

  • Open all the packs u dummy

  • 9:05 yeeeeeEeees

  • 13:35 where has my Centre Back gone as he is running with Ferdinand away from goal

  • So Simon please play Dalglish at RCAM to then get cr7 on full chem plus Dalglish is better the KDB

  • kinda feel bad for henry




  • Simon: Zidanes the guy that’s why I made a whole series about him Henry: am I... not ... the guy?

  • Simon complains about kickoff also simon doesn’t score a kickoff ever

  • But dalglish RAM, Neymar RM and Sandro RB

  • no one even cares abt henry anymore ngl

  • Simon you need to get Ter Stegen he is better than Oblak

  • Simon :I wish there was someone to replace Bellerin with Also didn't do Travenier saying he is not worth it God this guy so confused in life

  • FIFA 22 title should be the ronaldo regime.

  • Simon, why haven't you put a barca/arsenal kit for Thierry?

  • It’s going to be 50 episodes of Simon not changing his team name soon.

  • Simon just has something against saying Wijnaldums name properly

  • if possible buy toty bruno eventually, for the extra link to big ron

  • this guy plays like such a stinker lmao

  • Why did simon become irish at 13:57

  • why wont he just play Dalglish hes broken. there's a reason hes a mil

  • What’s kickoff glitch

  • Why was there the rewards of fifa 20 messi 95rw and lewa you could see

  • “i wish theres someone to replace bellerin” uhhhhmmm tavanier bruv