OUR BEST REWARDS YET! (The Henry Theory #58) (FIFA Ultimate Team)

Avaldati 13 veebr 2021
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  • When u take pens the player u shoot with shows where your going so they can save it easily

  • I use dybala in my normal team and if you put a hunter on him hes so much better also he has finess shot trait so if your in the box and finess shot it goes in most of the time

  • U don’t have to do all objective for renier just for 78 82 85 and 87 rest are just more objectives

  • When you get the last henry get back bbringing guests

  • 75 +pack OP my friend got mbappe

  • Change your kits plz😭😭

  • You bastard give us a video

  • 7:56 took note

  • bloody sell the henry you have and get the prime

  • Simon: "This guy isn't good" 30 seconds later: Concedes

  • Take out bruno play zidane in his role bing in dybala, when prime Henry comes start neymar

  • Use dybala

  • I miss your ultimate team

  • How do you guys feel about Werner scoring today

  • Im sorry but how dare he not pick Lingardinho

  • Play neymar rm at 7 by swapping Bruno and zidane

  • Simon you really have to get rid of Fernandes he is so bad compared to the rest of your team

  • I would do the Reinier objective. I've nearly done it and his 85 has been so good for me, let alone his 87

  • Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein, no luck just Blessings

  • But imo you should get Toty neuer moments boateng and toty davies

  • Honestly I’m watching this and most things you complain about is your own doing like complaining about your players not blocking shots when you lunge nowhere near the opponents player is and expect them to block the shot

  • south africans are proud to have kaizer chiefs

  • Put Neuer in GK,Neymar at RM on 7 and dybala in for Bruno

  • U need to learn the head glitch for pens

  • play TOTY neuer and Boateng and u can still play varane or even could play a 5 back as that seems to be the meta rn

  • Simon If you were so hyped when you got neuer why don’t you play him? Play boateng rcb and play neuer to give boateng full chem

  • Put hunter on Dybala and shadow on the Boateng

  • Genuinely blames the game for every single goal he concedes, very annoying

  • lol simon the reinier is worth the grind

  • I’ve got 4 times the games played than Simon has 😅


  • Dybala is pronounced as Dbala. Not Diebala....

  • Simon, start Neymar instead of Rashford. Start Dybala for Bruno and TOTY Neuer for Van der Sar. You take of Rashford for Neymar as soon as the game starts, so just start Neymar.

  • What camera angle do you play with

  • U should get the 87 reinier as I have him and he's a god tbh dude

  • you can do the Reinier without doing all the challenges you only need to do the challenges that get you the next card

  • Play neymar over rashford and Dybala over Bruno

  • Lol

  • Simon its time to get rid of shadow on Zidane. Its been bugging me for timeeeee. Put a hunter

  • Is it just me or is it annoying how the team is called Leicester fc lol

  • Simon dont finesse with ronaldo. You missed so many chances that are easy if you power shot it

  • Happy Valentine's day simon pls shout me out

  • when dybala scores: simon= what?!!! us= shouldnt u be happy

  • I packed Depey yesterday


  • future stars challenge on ps4 is glitched

  • Pop a chocky milk

  • Get Humza Productions as a guest. He supports Arsenal and he's funny af

  • I can't get past bronze 2 in champs, anyone got any tips besides get good 😂

  • No you can do it freely up to the 85 then you have to do the other stuff for the 87

  • i got the 82 reinier yesterday

  • die bala????

  • 11:03 wow I completely forgot about that part

  • You should play neuer over van der sar

  • When is Simon gonna start getting guests in again

  • If you want to be extra, you should buy either the French, Arsenal, or RedBulls kit for Henry

    • i dont think he'll use an arsenal kit

  • Take off Bruno for Dybala u dummy

  • Simon if ur gonna take pens try to TIME it. Same with free kicks. All u gotta do is press shoot as soon as your players foot makes contact with the ball, if it goes green it means u got it perfect. Try it

  • He can literally start Neymar if he switches Bruno and zidane

  • Simon got so hyped to get neuer but never plays him

  • Am I the only one who was annoyed when he put boateng in on 7 with neuer on the reserves

  • 10:53 he actually cared about henry for once

  • You should buying players now

  • U can sub dybala for Bruno and switch Zidane and dybala

  • Play Zidane at cm instead of fernandes!!!!

  • How I gonna say the Reiner is hard I done him in like 8 hours

  • That Dybala Card is actually crazy. I got f***** a few times by it

  • Bronze bench your team for lower rating

  • you only have to do 1 objective to get the 78 then 1 to get the 82 and 1 to get the next

  • Play neymar rm and switch Bruno and zidane around

  • Why not play neuer instead of oblak so boateng has full chemistry

  • For free kicks aim top corner and green time your shot

  • Y doesn't he use zidane in the place of fernandes

  • Henry theory comments should raid his subreddit

  • Get prime Henry

  • Simon: sees a bad team Also simon:sees him pass once Also simon: yeah this guy trash

  • My brother just packed KDB in a 81+ pick

  • B

  • You don’t have to do all objectives to get the next reinier u only have to do the objective that is said on the objectives that have the reinier reward u only have to do them all to get the 87

  • Play boeteng and Nuer

  • put dybala for Fernandes and play future stars kulusevski in rm, then just play zidane as a cdm because you always sub him out but dont want to.

  • How do you get ur stadium as ur background

  • Put neymar at RM and marquinhos at rcam then dybala lcam and zidane cm

  • It's time for Henry 93, sell your transfermarkt and 90 Henry and ur able to buy him eazy

  • Im sorry simon but i hve 85 reinier and he is goated

  • Swap zindane and bruno

  • Reiner is so good for me

  • Why are you subbing out zidane sub out Bruno and then swich place with zidane and dybala Zidane needs to be cdm

  • Simon just gets rinsed by the ball roll so much

  • Fun fact I played earling United and won by a comeback

  • Swap Dybala for Bruno and neymar for rashford and play zidane cdm

  • Love you for Polish kits 🇵🇱

  • Ngl the prime Henry needs to be bought ASAP at this point he’s a card shunned to the side he needs the upgrade

  • Reinier is worth doing even his 78 is good

  • simon sell van der sar buy henry and play nuer

  • Does Simon know what offside trap is

  • Why is he not playing zidane at cdm

  • Play neuer for vad der sar for full chem of boateng

  • Simon=everyone and there nan has an mbappe Me=crying in a corner because I don't have mbappe

  • So who’s gonna tell Simon about Position modifiers