Avaldati 12 veebr 2021
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  • Wanna eat my peanuts but the t is silent?

  • 6:52 Record it tho

  • Messi get ronaldo stats in 145less games so messi is was better to me

  • The way he says babies actually made me cry

  • You could say Say peanuts with out the t When she says it say want mine

  • Yo simon, where can I get that faze merch?

  • sacked in the moooornin

  • Hi

  • sidemen tinder pickup line: “do you want some peanuts and tea? or do you want peanuts without the t?”

  • Line for tinder: do you want some peanuts but we can have the t later

  • People dying inside has a heart attack😦

  • Mans called joko a pg streamer

  • Do u want a taste of peanuts oh wait I left the ‘tea’ at home 😉 👀

  • 1:02 u cant tell me that doesnt sound like Yung chip

  • the peanuts joke I would say: "ill give you some of my peanuts but with the t in it"

  • noone talking about the fact that manny is engaged

  • do you want my peanuts without the T

  • Next Tinder Peanut thing. Want some peanuts without the T?

  • Thank you from saving me from post anime depression

  • Simon calling shame on the who wants to be a millionaire host when the person called final answer yet he does the same on the games shows on the sidemen channle

  • Sidemen tinder Do you want some peanuts without the t

  • Ronaldo has done worse with fans

  • The editing is proper good

  • Simon tinder vid pickup line. do u want peanuts but the t is silent

  • U want some peanuts?, oh sorry I forgot to take out the t

  • I'm reading the comments and MANNY IS ENGAGED WHAT-

  • 4:04 you're moving sus

  • Fam I had more than a thousand yugio cards and my mum sold all of them, ALL OF THEM for £5. £5. Freaking £5

  • I died inside when you called Ronaldo better than Messi 💀

  • Manuel 👨🏽

  • 00:49 R9 when Miroslav Klose beat his record of most goals scored in the World Cup, in his home country, against his nation in the semifinals while he was watching, WHILE KLOSE AND HIS TEAM WERE SLAPPING THEM 7-1!!! The ultimate Spain without the S...

  • " if you know what that means, then I don't have to explain" Thanks for that Simon lmao

  • U came for insta: ally.hobsonx

  • Simon: Say peanuts without the 't' Her: Peanus? Simon: A bit direct but okay And that is how it can be used on sidemen tinder

  • That ufc fighter was maori, the native people of New Zealand.

    • Glad someone noticed 💯

  • i disliked the video.Why?How is Ronaldo better then Messi????? .................. .......................... .........................

  • NAAAH... I was enjoying the video until u said RONALDO is better than MESSI😒

  • Simon was funnier than always today

  • Want some peanuts without the T?

  • Me: “Most people can give you the d (lowercase d to mean small) but I can give you my peanuts... without the T!”

  • did simon call joko a pg streamer,,,

  • LOL

  • It’s what happens when bae rubs you to hard !

  • JJ is fat ! Lol

  • @miniminter you are fucking jokes!

  • my dog ran onto a semi frozen lake whilst still on the leash, ran around this log that was sticking out the layer of ice, and was tangled so my dad had to crawl on the ice to untangle him and you could literally hear the ice creaking under him. Both are fine btw 😅😐

  • The rubik's cube record was actually beaten by 0.01 seconds...

  • 1.27 What JJ and Simon Get upto after the Camera Cuts off

  • Bruh u already have done a vid like this.

  • Bro Change your thumbnail style. We are getting used to it and not it has started to irritate us... Same screaming, suprised, mouth open pose. Please don't do it.

  • I was actually impressed by his pokemon card collection

  • Finish these crisp flavours (out loud) Cheese and o Prawn c Roast c Smoky b Salt and v

  • Ronaldo is not even close to Messi

  • Dislike

  • Lit ep

  • 6:30 bro😂😂😂😂😂

  • Petition for him to like raise the volume in the video he is reacting to if that's possible

  • To add to the rubiks cube one,he only beat the record by 0.01 because the other guys record was 4.74

  • Anyone else sad that he said the next tinder video is quite a while away 😭😭😂😂

  • CONGRATS MANNY! Hope all goes well. You deserve the best 🥳🥳💖💖

  • F*ck ronaldo

  • awww congratulations Manny for his engagement

  • Sub 2 Gabriel and dan EEclone channel

  • Want some peanuts? But without the T though

  • Manny doin bits yena😂🐐

  • The guy dropping the bbq should be celebrating you can clearly see it stay on the step and on the foil. THAT FUCKER LUCKED OUT! Wrong video!


  • Can u play little nightmares 2 pleaseeee

  • Simon is so consistent mad

  • You are rather loud in comparison to the content.

  • He may have a record for the shortest record ?

  • not me thinking it was a sidemen reacts video

  • you could say that you drank the tea earlier

  • I love youre vids and stuff but the messi ronaldo thing is just bs. Ronaldo is arrogant in so much ways and did things like that so more often

  • you are so much damn louder than the clips omg, i turn the volume up to hear the clip and next thing you just scream laugh into my soul

  • Other tinder vids confirmed lol

  • This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥❤️

  • Do you want some peanuts and tea? Actually im out of tea so just have some peanus instead

  • Matt’s record was 4.74, so not only did he have to sit next to felix as he beat it he beat it by 0.01 seconds

  • Congrats Manny, best part of the video😉

  • Play little hope with Tobi

  • heres a line : Do you want peanuts , the T is silened.

  • Simon thinking joko (last clip) is a pg streamer 😂

  • Its like a metaphorical saliba 👌

  • Penuts but the t is silent

  • Banger of a video Better than jj olatunji's

  • Say, spell P E A N U T S Now, spell without the "T".

  • video about people dying inside proceeds to show cancer patients

  • Yoo messi is still better than ronaldo. Ronaldo is angry when his teammate scores

  • Do you want some peanuts without the t lil

  • Petition to start MM7Reacts? Maybe

  • Raect to instant karma fails

  • For sidemen tinder u could say 'would you like some peanuts. Without the t'

  • "Ronaldo is better than Messi"... well it seems to me that Simon forgot about the time Ronaldo Choked Pep

    • It was going good till he said that ridiculous sentence🤣

    • Ronaldo is better no cap

    • @Trunks not even an argument just debating about football that’s what makes football entertaining. Ur one of those guys that’s afraid of confrontation grow up man

    • @A M ur legit a broken record of everyone eles... ur so sad writing paragraphs of someone uv never met just to have an argument on yt comments... just enjoy the vid

    • @Aria Mousavi no because he’s proven himself in 3 leagues unlike messi not even hating cuz I like them both just facts. And he played in the prem at the hardest time, played in la liga at the hardest time and now is playing in seria a in one of its most competitive seasons ever.

  • 7:10 but Ronaldo isn’t better than Messi, he’s just not better end of!

  • 6:29 : i am dead off laughing 😂 i fall off my bed 🛏

  • “ronaldo better than messi” - simon miniminter 2021. war has ended

  • Petition for Simon to play more horror gamesss

  • Is it me that has watched the video earlier and Simon changed the title

  • Sideman person wearing faze clothes lol